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The Chasers Meet Up – 26th June

The business journey can at times be lonely. Your friends, family and team members might not understand why you put in so much time, blood, sweat and tears…

… but other business owners ‘get’ you!

That’s why on the last Wednesday of each month we bring some of the local small business community together for a couple of hours of learning, fun, food & drinks.

It’s called ‘The Chasers Meet Up’ and is a great chance to meet other business owners on the same entrepreneurial journey as you, share ideas and collaborate and find out what’s working for them as they chase their dream!

100% of all profits go to helping Food Share… and it’s tax deductible too!

This month our guest speaker will be Mark Lantry, from Dynamic Business Technologies, who will speak about Cybersecurity issues and how to protect your identity and business from fraud and theft. Mark has a special offer of a complimentary deep web scan valued at $99 for all businesses who attend.

Secure your ticket, learn and collaborate with fellow ‘Chasers’!

Minimum donation is $50 per ticket

Marketing Manager - Sinclair Wilson
Free financial literacy workshop for women

Proudly supported by Sinclair Wilson and presented by women to assist building your confidence making financial decisions.

This workshop will help you:

  • Learn how to comprehend basic finance and investment terms
  • Understand basic investment structures
  • Grasp taxation obligations
  • Gain insight into the important of Estate Planning, including having a Will and Power of Attorney
  • Learn what to look for in sourcing a professional advisor
  • Find out how to prepare for aged care