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State-wide plastic bag ban: is your business ready?

The Victorian Government will implement a state-wide ban on lightweight plastic shopping bags from November 2019. The ban will apply to all retailers including supermarkets, greengrocers, bakeries, pharmacies, clothes stores, restaurants, cafes, markets, food outlets, and many more.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has engaged the National Retail Association (NRA) to help retailers transition away from lightweight plastic bags. An NRA representative will visit stores in the Warrnambool area to discuss the plastic bag ban on Tuesday 13 August and Wednesday 14 August. To request a visit to your store, email vicbagban@nra.net.au. Find out more about the plastic bag ban at vicbagban.com.au.

Replenish Our Planet Living Festival Exhibitors Wanted

Have you a sustainable something that you would like to demonstrate, retail, showcase or reveal?  Come along to exhibit/participate in the Replenish Our Planet Living Festival on the 16th and 17th of November at the Koroit Botanic Gardens and be part of helping others live sustainable, replenishing lives.  It’s all in the name of future guarding our planet.  See www.replenishourplanet.com.au for information and an Exhibitor Expression of Interest form.

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Bringing Back Banksias

With funding from the Federal Government Environment Grants National Landcare Program, we have been able to do two important things for ecology, agriculture, and local businesses.

  1. Collect seed from a local cluster of endangered Silver Banksia trees at Minhamite growing wild on The Green Line Project (the old Koroit to Minhamite Railway Line) and get them grown by Worn Gundidj Nursery in Warrnambool.
  2. Offer them and other local trees/shrubs to land owners on either side of The Green Line to support sustainable ag, wildlife, and increase the range of places these special trees grow.

8000 Banksias and 8000 other plants have already been adopted -ready to be planted by the properties in August.

That’s good news for the future of these trees in our area!.

Head of Community & Customer Success - Localised
Love Food Hate Waste Business Program

Running a food business?

Love Food Hate Waste is a free short program that will help cafes, restaurants, pubs and other Victorian hospitality venues prevent food waste, reduce costs and increase profits.

The average food business in Victoria throws away more than 100 kilograms of wasted food every week, over half of which could have been prevented. It’s not just a waste of good food and lost profits, it also wastes natural resources and piles up in landfill.

Following the simple three-step program over several weeks, Love Food Hate Waste Business will help you identify where food waste is really occurring in your business and then make changes to prevent waste before it happens.

Businesses that register will receive a Participant Kit including food waste trackers, action plan templates and other tools and resources to help them reduce food waste in their business.

Register to make food waste your business today! https://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/Campaigns/Love-Food-Hate-Waste/Business