Five steps to revealing your super power!

Where do the world’s most brilliant ideas come from? How do great artists, writers, inventors and creators get the inspiration for their work? How do successful entrepreneurs maintain their momentum and drive to stay the course? Are they just lucky or is there something else at play?

The term ‘super power’ was first coined by Napoleon Hill in the 1930s when he wrote: “When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.”

Hill argued that we all have a super power. Not the kind that comes with a mask and cape, but a sort of innate capability that takes us beyond normal or average. And Hill believed we all have at least one.

But it is apparent that most of us bury our true talents beneath life’s obligations and responsibilities.

What are super powers?

Super powers are unique to every individual. It may be that we have one, several or a combination of super powers.

Here are a few examples of super powers: intuition, empathy, compassion, perseverance, creativity, vision, loyalty, logic thought, drive, selflessness, care, adaptability, curiosity, leadership, memory, analytical, cooking, strategic thinking, communicating, courage, optimism, ability to ‘read’ people, mathematics, listening, strength, insight, persuasion, capacity to inspire, kindness, ability to reverse a trailer!

5 steps to revealing your super power

1.    Pay attention to how things feel

What experiences or moments have left you feeling moved or deeply empowered in your life? What made those experiences or moments so meaningful to you? Try to dig deep here and pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.

2.    What do people say you’re ‘too much of?’

Sometimes, our super powers are hidden in the very thing others tell us we’re too much of! Do people tell you you’re too kind? Too generous? Too thoughtful? Overly analytical? Too bossy or bold? Too details-oriented?

3.    What do people thank you for?

Conversely, we might also find that people are apparently drawn to us by a particular trait we have. Do you find people readily confide in you? Do they ask your advice about something in particular? Do they seek your help or guidance?

4.    What comes easily to you?

We all find tasks or situations that are easier for us to handle than others. What comes easily to you? Do you find it easy to deliver a motivational speech in front of thousands of people? Are you an excellent listener? Do you intuitively know what to do in certain situations?

5.    What are you drawn to?

What are the topics or issues you could talk about all day? What things give you (happy) butterflies in your stomach when you think about them? What would give you the greatest feeling of excitement and satisfaction if you could work on it all day, even if you weren’t getting paid?

Applying your super power

Today is a great place to start cultivating and honouring your super powers. Leveraging your unique talents and gifts on a daily basis will create boundless opportunities for you.

  • Regularly pay attention to how things feel. Trust your intuition.
  • Visualise yourself using your super power to overcome obstacles or to solve problems.
  • Visualise yourself using your super power to create something new.
  • Be curious. Explore the application of your super power in your work, in your relationships, in your day-to-day life.
  • Don’t fight it! Ask yourself where you are not giving yourself ‘permission’.
  • Pay attention to what inspires you. And go there.