How a Local Meal Box Booklet could change our world!


Independence is a furphy! I know this because the better you are, the better your family and work colleagues will be, then the better the space around you will be and (eventually) the better I will be.

So here I am being selfish in considering you, your family and your businesses.

The Place of Wonder (my foodie education focussed business) is all about inspiring individuals and businesses to ask informed questions about what they eat.  Questions like, where are the ingredients from? What transport and packaging were required to get the ingredients to me?  How will eating this food make me feel? How will buying these ingredients support regional businesses?

To further inspire the asking of these questions I have put together a booklet focussed on seasonal wholefood preparation of regionally sourced ingredients.  The booklet showcases the wares of 35 producers and marries their wares with a pair of seasonal recipes.  To learn about the variety of regional produce available is inspirational, to create the suggested recipes is a health wise option, and to support regional producers brings on the warm fuzzies!  Imagine what you could do armed with this information; begin a bulk buying group at work or among friends/family, rekindle progressive dinners, leave it to the kids to make dinner, engage a ‘The Place of Wonder’ food preparation workshop, share images of your meal creations to dedicated social media, the list goes on.

The Place of Wonder is keen to get the booklets out and about so is giving away 10 copies to the first people/businesses to get in touch with why they need regional produce on their table.  Email Kylie Treble with your thoughts on


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