Do You Want To Improve The Way You Market And Sell? Use These Two Magic Words…

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In this article I will share with you two magic words that will be able to improve the way that you market and sell in your business. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

When you use these two words, you’ll be able to generate more leads and turn those leads into customers. This means you’ll make more revenue and profit. 

Benefit vs Feature

So what’s the difference between a feature and a benefit?

Features are the things that your product actually has or things that it can do. Benefits, on the other hand, are things that it can do for the user. A benefit is how it can improve people’s lives.

What if when Apple launched the iPod, they said that it had 5 gigabytes of storage, 60 milliwatts of power, firewire connection and cable? If they said that, you probably won’t want an iPod right now. Features don’t mean much to people. What they really care about is what it actually offers them or makes their life better.

Luckily Apple understood this, so when it came to promoting and marketing the iPod for the very first time, they didn’t mention how many gigabytes it had. Instead, they said that it gives you a thousand songs in your pocket. They knew what people actually wanted and so they sold the benefits not features.

Magic Words

Now that we’ve defined what is a feature and a benefit, the next question would be how to turn a feature into a benefit. There are two magic words that you need to know and understand. When you know them, you should use them more often especially when marketing your product or service.

These two words are ‘which means’.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about the features of your product. It’s actually okay to talk about them sometimes but when you do, follow it with the words ‘which means’ and then explain the actual benefit. To help you understand how I’ll walk you through a very specific example.

From Feature to Benefit

Often times when I help business owners to improve the way they market and sell, I hear them talk about their product. They’re so focused on the product. They’re so focused on the features.

For example, they owned a gymnasium. They would say that they’ve got a thousand square meters of space or that they would say that they’ve got really good trainers. They could also say that they’re open 24-hours or they offer 30-minute workouts. All of those things are features.

Let’s take the one about the 30-minute workout feature and turn it into benefit using ‘which means.’ 

We have 30-minute workouts, which means you can come to our gym, workout, shower, have lunch and be back at the office in under an hour.

Instantly, you can see that we’ve gone from something people may not really care about to something that they really care about. So this is how you really focus on the customer’s needs by using the two magic words.

Other variations

Always remember when marketing your product to use the magic words ‘which means’ after every feature. Whenever I’m writing copy or putting together an email, I use the words as a trigger to come up with a statement. I’m always asking myself so I can come up with an answer after ‘which means’. I try to then turn the features into benefits.

However, there many other variations that you can use like ‘as a result’ or ‘as such’ or ‘because of this’. You can also use ‘this equates to’ or ‘what this does for you is’. You can use different variations and as you use them more when you market and sell, it will be a complete game-changer, generating leads and transforming them into customers.

So try out the two magic words in your business today and watch those leads turn into customers.

Chris Beks

Business Development Specialist - Ceebeks Business Solutions for GOOD

I love business and the ability to change people’s lives through them!

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