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A 100 year old picture theatre in Cobden in South West Victoria, is not the first place you would expect to find a passionate craftsman producing world-class speakers by hand. Alderwood audio products are shaped into form by Scott Wilkinson using instrument grade birch timber in a process that can take up to a month.

Scott hand picks the finest quality timber sheets and uses custom designed CnC machines to precisely cut the material. From this raw form each speaker is manually crafted into audio and aesthetic perfection. Nothing is approved for purchase until it passes Scott’s stringent listening test and each component has been hand inspected for visual imperfection.

Scott has been driven by a passion for audio since he was a boy and is fast developing a reputation for excellence in general design. Forever driven by curiosity around what is possible has lead Scott to innovate outside the audiosphere in developing a device that simply and miraculously generates water from sunlight. Scott is also applying his knowledge of acoustics to provide the demolition industry with an alternative to explosives and the wrecking ball.

Scott’s innovation demands that even waste materials from the manufacturing process should be repurposed into beautiful and practical things. The packing sheet that protects the precious timber is laser cut into incredible clutch bags that have to be seen to be believed and even the shadow cuts of the fireproof acoustic dampening material that line the sub woofers are now made into trivets to protect your bench tops from hot pans.

Alderwood speakers have achieved incredible things in a short time and are fast gaining ground in the venue, home entertainment and marine industries.

Alderwood is already bringing high fidelity sound to diverse spaces around Melbourne including:Government House, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Central, Federation Square, Lorbek Luxury Cars, Carolina Bar (Toorak Rd). In accommodation spaces such as Ayra in


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