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Lockology Escape Room

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An escape room is a real-life, puzzle-solving adventure game.

You and your team of 2-6 people are "locked" in a room filled with mysterious objects, all waiting to be explored. You have 60 minutes to investigate, find clues, solve puzzles and unravel a story to ultimately set yourself free.

Popular with groups of friends and families, escape games are also ideal for work colleagues as team building/bonding exercises.

Escape Rooms let you use your brain, do something unique, and have fun with your friends!

We have three rooms;

Jewel Thief: Our beginner room is suitable for 4 people 12+ with at least one adult, and your challenge is to find the stolen jewels and escape before the thief returns.

Frankenstein’s Lab: is suitable for 6 people, 16+ with at least one adult, it’s an intermediate room where one of your friends it handcuffed in Frank’s Lab and it’s your job to rescue them and find your way out before Frankenstein returns.

Bomb Squad: probably the hardest room suitable for 16+ with at least one adult, where you need to find the Bomb and disarm it and escape before it detonates.

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Sharon McGowan - Manager
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