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Chrome Sheep Studs have been breeding Maternal and Terminal sheep for commercial prime lamb producer for more than 10 years. At Chrome we have a focus on breeding sheep which will produce long, well-muscled prime lambs desired by the domestic and export market. The main driver at Chrome is breeding sheep that will maximise the dollar per hectare return for our clients.

Chrome Maternals - Chromedale, Perendale and Coopworth - offer prodcuers the abiliety to introduce a range of desireable maternal traits such as good mothering and excellent fertility into flocks through proven breed sires tailored to individual requirements.

Chrome Terminals - ICON Southies and Poll Dorsets - bring together the superior prime lamb traits of long thick bodies, high muscle EBVs, structural soundness and rapid early growth with finishing abilities.

Matt & Tanya are happy to work with clients to ensure their selection of ram meets the client's commercial goals, providing assistance in setting production targets, ram selection and flock classing and assistance in marketing surplus ewes.


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