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I am a leader with over 25 years experience and have a natural passion for leading, developing, retaining and transcending teams through collaboration, innovation and agility to deliver excellence in their operation aligned to the Vision, Mission, Goals and Values of the organisation. My skills as a lateral thinker and complex problem solver enable me to evaluate and develop strategy to mitigate risk and implement process ensuring measurable quality in both profitability and customer satisfaction. With an open and egalitarian style of communication enhancing my ability to collaborate with all levels of an organisation with a clear focus on delivering measurable results.
I have been accountable for substantial budgets, and staff, and maintain a demonstrated history of on-time delivery with clearly reportable ROI. I have leveraged in-situ deployments and turned around perceived “sunk cost” to deliver acknowledged return. With C-Level experience I am proficient in preparation, and delivery, of board submissions with a demonstrated success in acceptance and adoption.


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